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Artboard 1 Yandex (Russias preferred search engine) Yandex is the 9th most popular search engine. With 2.95 billion monthly visits and a 65% share of all search in Russian speaking countries it can drive a lot of traffic to your shop. T echnical Se r vices W e ensu r e that y our p r ocess, manufacturing, packaging equipment, facility and utilities pe r form as the intended design. P r oject Management W e help y our ope r ations complete their p r oject on time, under budget and meeting 100% of the r equi r ements. Engineering Cost r eduction and p r oductivity enhancement. Principia engineers h a v e hands-on experience in driving successful Ene r gy Management P r og r ams. Google Our highly skilled staff is disciplined t o work within a r ange of industries in the dynamic Li f e Sciences sec t o r , t o meet demanding and e v olving expectations. Y ouTube As pa r t of our wide expe r tise, we p r o vide Commissioning & Qualification and Computer System V alidation Solutions. I T Manufacturing Our Manufacturing E x ecution Systems comprise applications that connect the r eal-time data originated at the shop floor with the enterprise l ev el applications. CHECK IT OUT